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For: Bead Society of Greater New York but non-members are welcome 

When: April 16, 2016  10am-4pm

Where: Fashion Institute of Technology 


Here is your chance to learn single crochet with beads, the bead crochet technique used in my snake jewelry and the multi-patterned necklaces by talented German designers like Brigitte Ilander.

I know that bead crochet seems challenging so I have made this class as easy as possible. Both projects will use size 8 seed beads and stripe patterns that allow you to tell where you need to crochet the next bead. 

First, we will start with a larger than usual tube so that you can see what you are doing and understand the construction of the crochet . You will turn this larger tube into a cute mini purse that can be used as a decoration or key chain.

After that, you will move on to a more traditional-sized tube that can be turned into a bracelet or necklace. Although we will be sticking with easy to follow stripe patterns, there is no reason why the result has to be boring so we will discuss options for turning your bead crochet tube into an interesting piece of jewelry.

Previous crochet experience is required.  You don't have to be an expert but you don't want to be learning to crochet and handle beads at the same time.  We will be using the chain stitch and single crochet (double crochet in Europe) stitch.

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The following projects are also available for classes.  Contact me if you are interested in a class.

A Rose From cupid's Garden

A Rose From Cupid's Garden 

Expand your wire crochet skills as you make this impressive 3-layer flower pendant of craft wire, Bohemian glass spikes, and 8 seed beads. Make a little bee of wire and beads to complete this colorful interpretation of the ancient Roman myth of how the rose got its thorns. Students will learn wire crochet incorporating chain stitch, single (U.K. double) crochet, double (U.K. treble) crochet and bead crochet, wire twisting; making a wire bail, and making a bead and wire bee. Previous crochet experience required.

6-hour class

Level: Intermediate 

Florencia la Serpiente

Florencia la Serpiente 

Move beyond slip stitch bead crochet ropes as you make this charming snake bracelet of size 11 seed beads and Swarovski crystals while learning one method of bead single (U.K. double) crochet, how to pattern with bead single crochet, increasing beads, decreasing beads, working on both sides of a foundation chain, and mixing bead crochet with plain crochet. You will start by making a practice tube of size 8 seed beads to learn one method of bead single crochet and move to the smaller beads once you are comfortable with the technique.

Summary: Students will learn one method of the bead single (U.K. double) crochet stitch, patterning with bead single crochet, increasing and decreasing beads, working on both sides of a foundation chain, and mixing bead crochet with thread crochet.

6-hour class

Level: Intermediate 

Home Tweet Home

Home Tweet Home 

Learn wire crochet or expand your skills as you make two charming bird’s nests of craft wire cradling Swarovski pearl eggs. Add branches of twisted wire and Rizo beads and wrapped wire loops for hanging and you have fun earrings or pendants.

Summary: Students will learn wire crochet using chain stitch and single (U.K. double) crochet, how to crochet in the round, how to increase stitches, add beads to the nest, weave in wire ends, make a wrapped loop that attaches to an ear wire, and twist wire and Rizo beads to make a branch.

3-hour class

Level: Beginner 

Priscilla Pine Cone

Priscilla Pine Cone 

Make this charming, 2-inch pine cone pendant of long Magatama beads as you learn one method of the bead single (U.K. double) crochet stitch, how to increase and decrease in bead crochet, how to stuff a bead crochet piece to retain its shape, and how to transform your pine cone into a pendant with a wrapped wire loop. You will start with a practice tube of size 8 beads to learn bead single crochet and move on to crocheting with the shaped beads when you are ready.

3 or 6-hour class 

Level: Intermediate 

Turkish Delight: Turkish Loops Bead Crochet Class


Based on a bead crochet stitch that I learned in Turkey, this sparkly bracelet looks impressive but is actually quite easy and works up quickly. Students will learn how to string beads in a pattern and crochet the Turkish Loops stitch. Once the bead crochet is done, students will make a button and loop closure and embellish the loop with peyote or needle-woven flowers and leaves. Only basic crochet skills are required.

6-hour class

Level: Intermediate 


Tubular Bead Crochet Pendant

Tubular Bead Crochet: the Basics
Learn bead crochet with the slip stitch method, the one most commonly used to make the popular bead crochet ropes. Students will make a 3.5 inch tube of size 8 beads that can be strung as a straight tube or turned into a teardrop-shaped pendant and walk out of class wearing their new creation. You will learn how to string beads in a pattern, bead crochet in the round, add a new thread, finish a piece with bead caps, and how to combine the bead crochet tube with wire and crystals to create a fun focal piece. Students must know how to make a slip knot and chain stitch before class.
3 or 6-hour class
Level: Beginner 

Goldilocks Snake

Goldilocks Snake
Take bead crochet to the next level by making your own modern, smaller version of a Turkish prisoner-of-war snake in size 8 beads. Based on the souvenir snakes made by Turkish prisoners of war in World War I, this class will teach the bead crochet method used by the Turkish POWs, how to increase and decrease beads, how to chart letters, how to crochet on both sides of a foundation chain, and how to make a brick stitch tongue. Previous experience with tubular bead crochet is necessary. 

6-hour class

Level: Advanced 


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